Directed by Giovanni Battista Origo, Sole Tonnini, Gianluca Mangiasciutti, Matteo Giancaspro, Cristian Iezzi, Chiara De Marchis, Francesco Dafano
With Riccardo De Filippis, Edoardo Pesce, Alberto Di Stasio, Michele Bevilacqua, Luca Scapparone, Alessandro Giuggioli, Flavio Domenici, Stefano Ambrogi, Francesco Montanari, Emanuela Mascherini, Alberto Gimignani, Ciro Scalera
Produced by Tandem Film Production
Distributed by Zenit Distribution

The much yearned-for permanent job! A true rarity these days. Moving down the road to this unattainable dream, seven young characters face the merciless everyday battle for their future – coming up with new, extreme forms of survival. Between fake suicides and genuine miracles – the acrobatic, irreverent quest for economic stability. The desecrating self-portrait of a generation willing to do anything to finally cross the finish line…but in the end? Will they be content? Or will they keep bustling about? A movie in six episodes of variable length (10-20 minutes). The main theme displays the insecure situation of today’s youth, told first hand by seven young and debuting directors – with the need to laugh and cry about it.