By Tiziano Lepone
Directed by Enrico Vanzina
Broadcasting by Patrick Vom Bruck e Carlo Zampa
Con Tiziano Lepone, Barbara Mecucci,
Alessandro Coccoli, Sarah Scola,
Aldo Minghelli, Marco Di Lotti, Giuseppe Rombolà
What would happen if, on the eve of the 10th marriage anniversary, a couple finds out that the priest who celebrated their marriage actually wasn’t a priest? This is the story of Gino and Adele, who, on the eve of the dinner organized to celebrate copper (10 years of marriage), are overwhelmed by this shocking truth. Starts here a different and conflicting interpretation of this new reality: the husband is convinced that he has returned celibate and therefore he defines himself ” only a cohabitant”. On the other hand his wife thinks that marriage remains valid and this reality doesn’t have to change.