Written by Dodo Fiori, Heidrun Schleef and Diego Ribon

Directed by Dodo Fiori

With Paolo Sassanelli, Marta Iacopini, Davide Nebbia, Nina Torresi, Dino Abbrescia, Joe Capalbo, Lucia Modugno, Remo Remotti

Produced by DNA Cinematografica in collaboration with Rai Cinema

Distribution Italy Cinecittà Luce

Paolo doesn’t recognize himself in his son Matteo because he doesn´t see in the guy the skills that made him a successful man. Matteo wants his father´s attention but doesn´t manage to communicate with him. The unexpected arrival of a stranger in Paolo´s family starts a chain of events that leads Matteo to discover his parents´ secrets and to the emersion of his emotions. Through the lucid analysis of the lack of communication  in a high bourgeois family the movie faces the effect of son-parents relationships in an adolescent´s life.