Written and directed by Davide Manuli

With Vincent Gallo, Fabrizio Gifuni, Claudia Gerini, Elisa Sednaoui

Produced by Blue Film and Shooting Hope Production

Distribution Cinecittà Luce

We are in Sardinia, in a spaceless and timeless dimension. A body comes floating on the beach: it’s Kaspar Hauser, the heir to the throne disappeared for some obscure reasons of power, when he was still a child. The fate wanted Hauser to return alive, but his mind is apparently absent. Only five people live on the desert island: the Grand Duchess, the Queen of the island; the Dragon, her humble servant; the Dark Man, the drug dealer handyman and the Duchess’ lover; the Clairvoyant  and the Sheriff. Unfortunately, his stay will not last for a long time.

Rotterdam International Film Festival 2012: Official Selection
ArizonaUnderground Film Festival 2012: Best Experimental Film

Geneve International Film Festival 2012: Mention Jury of the youth

San Francisco Independent Film Festival 2012: Official Selection Narrative Feature – Jury Award Best narrative film