Directed by da Dario Migianu Baldi
With Corrado Fortuna, Lavinia Longhi, Ivan Franek, Paolo Briguglia
Produced by da Guasco
Distributed by Effe Cinematografica

Anna, a French journalist at the peak of her career, gives in everything to find traces of a little story. An artistic and crazy man of theatre, dead in the 80’s, turns her on passions and doubts already forgotten. She will find in a city of Marche, where her research on Roberto Cimetta started. This artist, who is easy-going and without roots, always traveling to European festivals, surfaces in the eyes of who loved him and hated him, and Anna gets involved in his story to such an extent that she imagines scenes, relives situations and suggestions, trying to put in order her past. She feels that Roberto’s life is linked to hers. And only a thread brings her to Tommaso, Roberto’s son, and she can discover, in his clear and deep gaze, another piece of truth about that man, and she can make sense of all the story, finding another focus for her life.