Written and directed by Massimo Cardinali
With Paolo Perinelli, Giancarlo Porcari, Ester Alfonsi,
Martina Zuccarello,Silvana Costa, Mauro Beltramme,
Grace Ambrose, Alexia Cozzi, Leonardo Iacuzio

Rome. Dante, a modern patriarch, decides to summon sons and grandchildren for his wife’s birthday, who has recently passed away. The family reunion turns in an opportunity to announce Dante’s upcoming wedding with young Dina, the housekeeper .In a frenzied twist of dialogues, through which each member of the family has to deal with himself,violent recriminations, conflicts and questions  emerge. The endemic illness of this family explodes and everyone come to the conclusion that if the family can not be chosen, revenge remains the only way to be free.